Sunday, July 12, 2009

H2O At Last!

At long last, we have running water in the house! Of course, nothing is ever straightforward and simple when it comes to water. When the water was first connected and turned on, water started spraying from 3 different pipes in the mechanical room. Thank goodness the plumber was able to come out right away and fix things. All of the leaks were resolved, and the water could be turned on.
So, it is now official - WE HAVE WATER!! Unfortunately, the water sill contains a lot of silt so it looks more grey than clear, but it is a start. Also, we still haven't been able to turn the Hot water on, so we can use the toilets and wash our hands but that's about it for now.
I am so looking forward to my first shower....

Here is proof that there is actually water in the house!

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