Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bambi & Friends

Spring is Sprung, the grass is ris, I know where the birdies is!

As the snow recedes, our animal neighbours are emerging from the forest. What an awesome thing it is to be sitting in your living room, looking out the window, and be staring into the eyes of Bambi a mere 15 feet away. Bambi and her friends seem to really enjoy snacking on some of the greenery in our open field and come around often for a little sample. They do have super bionic vision and hearing though - they can even hear you turning on the camera from inside the house, and will stare you down and be watching your every move. Be careful when you're trying to get a better look at them - the slightest wrong move and they will bolt.

Take a look at some of the critters we have been fortunate enough to glimpse recently....

Ring necked Pheasant. Believe it or not he is not crossing a stream - that is a puddle on the driveway. This guy seemed quite oblivious to our presence...the car came within a metre of him and he didn't flinch.

Red-tailed squirrel

Dark Eyed Junco


We have also seen a Barred Owl, a couple Blue Jays, and today the first Robin appeared. Spring really has arrived!

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