Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bamboo Floors Complete

The bamboo floors have now been installed on the second floor.

The painting of the drywall walls is complete, and now the doors and trim are being stained. This is after one coat, one more to go!

Here is a picture of the bathroom - prepped and ready for tiling!

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Jennifer Rice said...

I wish you well in your path to wellness. The home is looking great.I'm a big fan of bamboo and love the look of bamboo flooring. I have a dog though and wonder if it is too soft for housemates with claws. Do you have any pets? If so I'm curious to know how pet friendly bambo flooring is.I live in a part of BC that has great geo-thermal oportunities but we are slow to get on board with free energy. We much prefer to pay for and extract non-renewable resources like dirty tar sands oil and and keep burning climate-changing fossil fuels.And they say humans are evolutionarily superior?? Best of luck in your new eco and health friendly home.
(Midge's neice)