Sunday, April 19, 2009

Everything but the kitchen sink...

Okay, well maybe not everything besides the kitchen sink is done, but things are coming along slowly but surely. The big outstanding issues are: the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the well. (unfortunately these are the pieces that it is impossible to live without!)
The tiling is complete in the upstairs bathroom. We just need the toilet to be hooked up, the vanity / sink to be installed, and the rain shower and taps for the tub. Thanks to our friend Donna for helping to clean and prepare all of the tiles!

Here is a picture of the vanity for the upstairs bathroom, waiting for the sink and tap to be installed. The vanity is actually an antique from China, circa 1900.

The juliet balconies have been installed - can you imagine standing here and calling for Romeo?

Here is a view of the juliet balcony from the outside.

This beautiful railing at the top of the stairs was designed by C. and created by Tom Mourgas (The Iron Man -

Another exciting design feature is the octagonal hallway that joins all of the bedrooms and the upstairs bathroom. It is hard to capture in a photograph, but you can see the skylight and a peek into two of the bedrooms.

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