Monday, May 11, 2009


The house is done!....well ALMOST!

The kitchen still needs to be assembled, and the kitchen plumbing needs to be installed. Other than that there is just one tiny little outstanding item - WATER!

Yes, still there is no water to the house. Without water, we are unable to obtain our occupancy permit. We have decided to drill a new well, and we have a new well driller tentatively scheduled for mid-June. I am crossing my fingers, my toes, and anything I can that it is a smooth process that finds us some good quality water at a depth without methane, sulfur or any other issues.

The bathrooms are complete now - the taps are installed, and the low-flow, dual flush toilets have been installed as well. You can't use them yet though...these are waiting for the water too.

The septic tank is now installed, so once we have water, we're all set to go.

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